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Memorial Day Sale – Lease a Toyota today!

Memorial Day Sale - Lease a Toyota today!

During the weekend of Memorial Day Sale this month, there will be tons of car lease deals offer from many brands. Let’s take a look what Toyota is offering during this month of Memorial Day Sale.

$0 due at signing! That is what Toyota is offering during the Memorial Day Sale and the month of May. There are total of 16 models from Toyota leasing specials with $0 due at signing for 36 months include Toyota Care. Lessee pays $0.15 per mile for all mileage over 12,000 miles per year. (more…)

Hybrid and diesel sales up for 2012

2012 Toyota Prius Hybrids

Any time fuel price ranges enhance, product sales follow, specifically sales of diesel powered serp along with hybrid car lease deals. Looks like we will see a lot more car lease specials on hybrid & diesel cars in the near future.

Diesel sales have risen an astonishing 35 % within the first quarter of 2012, based on data put together by and Baum and Affiliates. An overall total of 28,260 oil drivers transformed hands.

Hybrid sales also provide elevated significantly. The month of January saw an 11.4% increase Feb sales were up 55.4%, while March was up 39.6%. That comes down to an overall total of 106,207 hybrid cars. (more…)