The Latest Lease Deals: March 2012

2012 Nissan Versa Hatchback

Leasing a brand new car could be a fantastic way to own the newest model without having a long-term commitment. New car lease deals happen to be becoming more expensive recent months, and current car lease deals don’t change that pattern.

2012 March lease deals are most typical among luxury brands, however, many economical brands also provide car lease deals this month. If you wish to lease an inexpensive small car, for Nissan lease deals, they offer the 2012 Versa with a monthly payment of $179 per month for 39 months with $1,999 due at signing. If you want a midsize car, for Subaru Lease Deals, a 2012 Subaru Legacy could be leased for $199 per month for 42 months with $1,999 due at signing ends at the end of April. Continue Reading…

2012 Car Leasing Rebounds

2012 Car Leasing Rebounds
Car leasing‘s share of U.S. retail sales rose by a point final year to 20 percent, based on the Manheim 2012 Utilized Automobile Marketplace Report.The report credits the business for obtaining leasing correct, a minimum of “for probably the most component,” by targeting car lease customers with great credit who trade their vehicles on a normal cycle. The business also got praise for projecting end-of-lease residual values that had been not overly inflated. Continue Reading…

Best Car Lease Deals For February 2012

2012 Mazda Mazda6 Sedan

Leasing a brand new car can certainly be a fantastic way to own the newest model without having a long-term obligation. New best car deals this February happen to be becoming more expensive through last fall, and current lease deals don’t change that pattern.

February lease deals are most typical among luxurious brands, however, some less expensive brands will also be offering lease deals this month. If you would like lease an economical car, Honda is providing the 2012 Honda Civic Sedan for lease which has a monthly installment of $179 for 36 months with $1,999 due at signing. The 2012 Mazda6 can be leased for $246 each month for 42 months with $0 downpay at signing in February. Continue Reading…

Best Volkswagen Deals: January 2012 Lease and Purchase

This January, the Volkswagen lease deals with zero down payment that were promoted recently aren’t available anymore. In their place are Volkswagen incentives that contain lease deals with down payments starting at $1,999. Volkswagen interest rates are as little as zero percent for six years. These are a series of great rates, but Volkswagen has some solid competition from automakers like Buick and Nissan, so you should definitely cross-shop car lease. Continue Reading…

Sweet Toyota Deals: January 2012 Lease and Purchase

While January Toyota deals are everywhere, some Toyota incentives and lease specials are not as effective as previous month. Toyota offers for January include new car lease deals and offers on some 2012 models. On top of that, Toyota continues to be getting rid of its inventory with rebates and financing incentives on remaining 2011 cars, trucks and SUVs. While January Toyota lease deals are readily available, incentives on vehicles such as the Toyota Sienna plus the redesigned Camry often trail the level of competition. Continue Reading…

Great Hyundai Deals: January 2012 Lease and Purchase

January Hyundai lease deals & purchase specials are slightly better than Hyundai incentives and lease offers from last month. The automaker had great sales in December, and Hyundai is poised to sell more cars with better cash back rebates, financing offers and lease deals on some models. New car deals from Hyundai continue to include a number of 2012 models, as well as a handful of 2011 Hyundai models with slightly better incentives. Continue Reading…

Best Honda Deals: January 2012 Lease and Purchase

Many Honda The month of January car lease require nothing at signing with no money for that first month’s payment, but Honda continues to be rivaling attractive Volkswagen and Chevrolet lease deals. Honda is providing .9 % for approximately 60 months on many 2011 models, while 2012 models include rates as little as 1.9 % for 60 months. Continue Reading…

Best Lease Deals: November 2011

November lease deals are not as comprehensive as the deals automakers offered last month. Strong sales from several luxury brands have led them to abbreviate new car leasing offers. On the other hand, there are plenty of best car lease deals available from carmakers with less luxury cachet. Continue Reading…

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Best Lease Deals: September 2011

Though some brands have leave lease deals behind for September, there are still plenty of great lease deals available, especially if you’re looking for a luxury car lease. And, if you’re considering a more affordable car, there are plenty of September lease deals for you as well.

According to R. L. Polk & Co., most people who are looking to lease a car are looking at luxury brands. While about 20 percent of new cars are leased industry-wide, 45 percent of luxury cars are leased. For some brands, more than 50 percent of sales come from leases. Because luxury carmakers tend not to offer low- and no-interesting financing deals, choosing to lease a luxury car is one way to lower your monthly payment without sacrificing brand cachet. Continue Reading…

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