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Powerzone 380044 3 Ton Aluminum and Steel Garage Jack

What we love about Powerzone 3 Ton Aluminium and Steel Garage Jack is it has a good control during hydraulic release. It comes with a nice double plunger system that moves the arm when you move up or down. Aluminium Garage Jack only weighs below 60lbs and comes with high quality welds and has a good built.

It is not very heavy considering it is made from 3 ton steel jack, but it is not as expensive as the aluminium model. The product comes with a rubber pad to prevent any damage in the slip or under carriage.

Powerzone Aluminium Garage Jack has a lot of positive feedbacks. It can easily lift three tons of weight because of its hydraulic jack. It can lift from 4in to 18.25in. Its hydraulic system was getting a lot of praises from previous buyers of the product. It could lift heavy items, which saves a lot of energy and time.

3 Ton Aluminum Garage JackPowerzone Aluminum Garage Jack with manual








Another favourite feature from users of Powerzone Aluminium Garage Jack is its safety valve that keeps the jack from being overloaded beyond its rated capacity. Customers love the Jack itself. Although it looks very tough, it is made from aluminium frame to make it light weight for users.

Its arm is made from heavy steel that gives durability and strength to perform its job in the garage. Its wheels in the rear end swivel in order for the jack to easily go into a proper positioning during lifting.

Powerzone Aluminium Garage Jack is being used by full time and professional mechanics who needs to lift heavier objects like vehicles. Aluminium Garage Jack is very dependable and performs well. Its handle is long enough to provide a smooth stroke making the jobs less difficult.

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