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Solar Electronic Battery Tester

This battery tester is a good investment. If you are always on the go and out in the field, you need to always prepare for the worst. There is nothing worse than being delayed because of a battery failure.

This product is a best buy because it comes in handy and it is much cheaper than a snap on battery tester. It can fit in your tool box. It only takes one second to test batteries. What is amazing is it actually tests DIN rating. It is very accurate and it remembers the last option you chose like test rating, DIN, Type of battery tested, CCA, etc.

Solar Electronic Battery Tester is easy to use. It guides you in every step of the testing process. It comes with LED display that is great for low light and bright light settings. It can actually test different types of battery like spiral wound, AGM, conventional battery, deep cycle batteries, and gel cell batteries. All you have to do is to choose the battery type you are testing and connect the clamps to the battery. Solar electronic battery tester will automatically do the test. It is hassle free!

This battery tester can operate 7-15 volt range and could test batteries rated from 100-1200 CCA. What we love about Solar Electronic Battery Tester is its quick assessment that could provide a pass or failed LED and a numerical result.

This is a product of Clore Automotive, which is a leader in manufacturing and developing automotive service equipment for both consumers and professionals. They manufacture and design battery chargers, battery testers, cooling system, jump starters, and many more. So, you are assured that this battery tester was manufactured by one of the trusted companies in the automotive line of business.

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