2013 Best Cars For College Students

Car lease deals these days are more & more affordable. Before, leasing a luxury car was trendy thing to do. Now a day, many dealerships are pushing out some awesome car lease deals for compact and mid size cars as well. In case you are in the marketplace for a brand new car for your own, or your college-aged kid, there are numerous choices available to choose from.

Many sub-compact and compact cars make our list of best cars for college students, but don’t let those classifications conjure up thoughts of a bare-bones piece of metal with four wheels. Many of these vehicles come with a good amount of standard options and great gas mileage, all for a price that will leave enough left over for student loan payments.

Honda Fit
If you’re searching for some of the most effective storage volume for a compact car, simply visit the Honda Fit. The Fit only is available as a hatchback and begins at a base price of about $15,325. The engine has somewhat less power than a portion of the other cars on this list, with only 117 horsepower made available in both models, however the Fit features a large list of standard features. Air conditioning, keyless entry, power windows and locks, and cruise control all come standard on the base model.

MPG for the Fit is not as exceptional as a few other cars in its class, but it’s definitely not bad. The manual transmission will get 27-mpg city and 33-mpg highway, with the base model automatic transmission proforming a little better at 28-mpg city and 35-mpg highway.

Ford Fiesta
With the 2013 Fiesta, you can select from the sedan or sporty hatchback. The MSRP for the sedan starts at approximately $13,995, will probably have to pay extra $1,000 if you would like the hatchback version. If your college student is seeking connectivity in the car, which he or she probably is, Ford’s SYNC and SYNC APP options help you to link a smartphone to the car for hands-free calling, incoming texts read out loud, music streaming from the phone and the choice of including turn by turn directions.

You’ll either pay extra with the SYNC package or have to upgrade to greater than the base model to get the SYNC standard features. All the models get 29-mpg in the city and 39-mpg on the highway, besides the SFE package, which can make it an even 40-mpg on the highway.

Toyota Corolla
If you are looking for a compact sedan will last a long time, look nowhere else beside the Toyota Corolla. Based on Polk U.S. Vehicles In Operation registration statistics, Over 80% of all Corollas sold in the last 20 years are still on the road today. Although Toyota Corolla might abit pricey compares to other cars we mentioned within this post with MSRP of $16,230, but this awards winning car has much to offer with 26-mpg city, 34-mpg highway & 29-mpg combined. The Corolla has color-keyed power outside mirrors, six airbags, power windows, power door locks, 60/40 split fold-down rear seat and much more.

Nissan Versa
If you’re looking for one of several lowest priced cars for your college student, then make sure to swing by the Nissan dealership. The sedan version of the Versa starts at only $10,990 and gives you air conditioning, traction control, ABS, six airbags and class-leading leg room.

If you’re a college student and are considering the hatchback version, anticipate to pay about $4,000 more. The hatchback will include a bigger and stronger engine and a few extra standard options not seen on the base sedan model. The sedan models will give you 30-mpg city and 38-highway, and the hatchbacks provides in a maximum of 27-mpg city and 36-mpg highway.

Hyundai Accent
In case you have never stepped foot on a Hyundai car dealership, you need to. Great design, long warranties and reliable vehicles have won Hyundai plenty of interest. The most affordable of the manufacturer’s lineup is the Accent, that has been fully redesigned for the 2012 model and provides great design and a excellent price.

The 2013 base model (car models operate a year ahead) retails for around $14,545, which is not the cheapest on our list, however it features a six speaker sound system, air conditioning, auxiliary and USB ports, and even more. To top it all off, the car gets an approximated 30-mpg city and 40-mpg highway.

The Conclusion
If you’re searching to purchase an affordable car for your college student, or yourself, there are numerous cars available for you to select from. Other cars not listed here, but that might be worthy of considering are the Mazda3, Honda Civic, Toyota Yaris and the Kia Soul. Because of so many choices in compact and sub-compact categories, there’s no doubt you’ll find the perfect fit if you are a college student.

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