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2012 Hyundai Veloster 3d view

A halo vehicle backwards. That’s the program for that 2012 Hyundai Veloster hatchback. Normally, a halo vehicle may be the unobtanium-built vehicle that sits towards the top of the model selection to have an auto manufacturer. Meant for purchase with a choose couple of, it’s supposed to attract visitors to the showroom. That’s the actual way it happens to be.

The purpose of the Veloster, Hyundai states, would be to draw youthful prospects with the door for his or her first vehicle and to ensure that they’re returning through their lifetime. If things play view Hyundai hopes, the duration of their kids, too. As the Hyundai Veloster roll out to the public, Hyundai lease deals offer incentive on Veloster as well. But let’s look at how good this car really is.

Focusing on the marketplace

Hyundai Veloster faces other youthful hipsters competitors such as Honda Fit, Scion tC, Small Cooper, Fiat 500 as well as the Volkswagen Beetle, and these brands such as Honda lease deals, Mini car leasing, & Volkswagen lease specials all have car lease deals on those models.  But the Veloster is about to take the lead within this group. The Veloster is really a four seater with a cool, if helpful, features. Uncommon styling adds interest towards the vehicle, while an opportune third door adds utility. Mixing by using the hatchback helps make the Veloster a cargo star.

Hyundai offers standard Bluetooth with BlueLink connectivity. It’s their competitor to such brands as Sync and OnStar. BlueLink a wise telematics solution getting features in to the vehicle through cellular telephone systems also it offers auto collision notification, voice to text texting along with a geo-fence function that alerts you once the vehicle is out of selection of an established area.

Veloster is provided in Standard, Style, and Technology packages to match buyer preferences, but all purchases are ranked at 40 mpg on the road.

2012 Hyundai Veloster 3d rear view

2012 Hyundai Veloster top view

So how exactly does it look?

Inspired by the feel of a complete-face racing helmet when seen in the side, the Veloster is really a clean sheet design not produced from the company’s existing models. Oddly enough, that’s exactly the same inspiration that Scion states drove the feel of their new tC. Sure, it’s a few of the DNA, but Voloster generally is a unique, and clever look, particularly the right side-only rear door that helps reduce rear chair access not less than one passenger. Be sure that you be mindful and don’t forget to tuck your mind whilst getting inside. The handle is hidden within the blacked-out apex from the D-pillar.

The leading grille opening from the Veloster was created much like the familiar hexagonal opening located on the innovative from the Hyundai Sonata hybrid. It’s between Brought detail lights, which lead around towards the muscular wheel archways that enclose the conventional 17-inch alloys. Available 18-inch wheels with colored card inserts exist just in case a far more unique appearance is the actual taste. Our tester was outfitted using the available breathtaking moonroof, which really opens. The trunk glass hatch includes a spoiler that slices it, but in the appropriate point that doesn’t need you to scrunch lower or sit very tall to determine what’s behind you. That’s good focus on detail. You will find nine colors available in addition to personalization graphics, which we thought disappeared when Vin Diesel dropped from the Fast and also the Furious franchise the very first time.

Two-wheeled influences

The inside from the Veloster is inspired through the architecture available on high-performance motorcycles. As the center stack bears a passing resemblance to among the Transformers movie figures, the vent shapes mimic the tailpipes of some bullet-bikes. The 7-inch in-dash monitor from Korean electronics giant LG is prrr-rrrglable and personalizable. It offers use of Hyundai Gas Mileage Games, which allow you to compare economy rankings along with other Veloster proprietors. It isn’t our concept of fun, but we’re still up for just about any type of challenge.

2012 Hyundai Veloster interior view

The audio system provides you with two options. Outfitted normally having a 196-watt six-speaker sound system, ours featured the 450-watt Dimension Sound system with eight loudspeakers. Other electronics incorporate a standard RCA cable for video playback as well as an available 115-volt outlet to energy computer systems, phone battery chargers, blenders and so on. For instance, using the transmission in park, video playback can be obtained utilizing a PS3 or YouTube streamed from the Smartphone.

A matrix pattern adds interest towards the dash, while silver grab handles, a closeness key, push button starter as well as an available red-colored and black interior add other visual interest.

Hyundai claims the Veloster has best-in-class interior volume total its direct rivals. We didn’t possess a tape-measure to check on, but we thought there have been many innovative storage solutions including folding 60/40 split rear seats and also the third side door. Switch them forward and you’re simply all set for many Home Depot runs.

Striking the street

At 1.6 liters, the 4-cylinder underhood features Hyundai’s continuously variable valve timing and gas direct-injection fuel system for additional energy, more economy, and much more efficiency. Creating 138 horsepower and 123 lb-foot of torque, it’s also outfitted having a maintenance-free timing chain along with a buyer’s selection of six-speed manual or perhaps an optional six-speed eco-change dual clutch transmissions. Using the DCT, the very first gear is engaged, while the second reason is within the on-deck circle, where it’s preloaded for the following gear change. It’s also outfitted with paddle change levers and hillside assist.

Through the amounts, the Environmental protection agency states the stick shift is capable of doing 28 city/40 mpg highway, as the six-speed slusher will work for 29/38. Once going ahead, we observed 31.3 mpg, only a fraction from the fed’s average of 32 mpg.

Riding with an independent front suspension with MacPherson struts, coil springs and gas-filled shocks, the Veloster is completed served by a 24 mm front stabilizer bar. Transmitting road feel may be the duty from the motor driven energy steering rack and pinion setup. Whilst not as crisp because the unit present in, say, the Small Cooper, still it offered good, if somewhat lighter feedback and road feel towards the driver. The trunk suspension includes a torsion axle with coil springs, gas-filled hydraulic monotube shocks along with a 23 mm stabilizer bar.

I was impressed using the quiet road manners, but concerned it would require sometime for that engine to ramp up to the peak energy point. On the other hand, Hyundai was smart to incorporate paddle change levers that enabled quick downshifts to obtain the engine’s sweet place. The DCT was as much as snuff, enabling quick changes and quiet procedures overall. We all do think the engine a small touch pokey we believe the Veloster, using its curb weight around 2,800 pounds., it’s a candidate for a little more (pressurized) motivation. Although Hyundai holds its cards near to the vest, we are saying take a look at next month’s SEMA show for aftermarket turbo’d and updated good examples on the program floor.

A factory turbo offering sometime the coming year? Count us in.

Our main point here

As we view these past couple of years, you will find no sacred cows at Hyundai. Some brands develop a halo vehicle for that choose couple of, this Korean manufacturer, certainly not considered a weekend sensation, has made the decision to switch convention on its ear, and make a halo vehicle for that relaxation people.

We’ll become more interested when there’s additional grunt underneath the hood, but Veloster is really a compellingly curious small vehicle because it is.

2012 Hyundai Veloster base cost, $17,300.




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