10 Helpful Questions To Ask About Car Leasing

2010-03-02 by AutoPromoCenter.com

When its time to get a new car, a lot of people decide that car lease is easier to do than buying outright because there are many benefits to car leasing that you don\'t have with a purchase. If you are ready to leasing a car, then consider the following 10 questions to car leasing to help you make better decisions.

1. What do you need from a new car? Expecting a baby? or you are a newlywed? Many factors determine the next vehicle you will be leasing.

2. What is your budget? You need to think about the exact amount you could afford each month on a lease payment and focus on the range of cars that is within your budget.

3. How long do you want to lease a car for? Lease length could drive up or down your monthly lease payment. If you go for a five year lease, you will have lower monthly payment than a three year lease.

4. What are you looking for in safety features and options? Search for safety features online to better help you in choosing the right ones. Keep in mind additional options may increase the price of the car.

5. Have you done comparison shopping? Use website that allows you to compare car lease deals to look for the best deal out there. You will feel more comfortable knowing the numbers before dealing with dealer salesmen.

6. Have you checked your credit score recently? Some special lease promotions may require certain credit score level to be qualified. You should check your credit score before the next step.

7. Ready for a test drive? Use the dealer information you found on the website you used to find the Best Lease Deals, call for an appointment at the dealership for the test drive. Also pay attention to the salesman to see if he/she is helpful. If everything is good, completing the transaction is a breeze since you already aware of the payment and terms.

8. Have you read the fine prints on the paper work? Paper work is another detail that you need to pay special attention to. Don\'t sign off on a single thing until you have read it through and understand completely what you are signing, such as lease return fee and mileage penalty. Double check that you a have a copy of every document.

9. Did you get Warranty Information? You want to be sure you also have all the needed information about your warranty..

10. Have Car Insurance ready? Call you current car insurance agency before hand or purchase a temporary one at the dealership. Make sure your car is covered when you drive it off the lot.

If you have followed this question list during leasing a car, you probably won\'t have any Buyer\'s remorse. Paid attention to the details in car leasing is going to pay off when you take that first road trip.

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