5 Ways to Find the Best Car Lease Deals

2010-02-04 by AutoPromoCenter.com
Finding where to lease a car with the best car lease deals with the right monthly payment is nothing but a difficult and laborious process is very common among the general public. For people leasing a car for the first time, try the following 5 ways to jump start hunting for the Best Car Deals!

1) Negotiate a Best Deal at your Local Dealer
With a car or a style in your mind, go to your favorite dealer and negotiate a best lease with a sales rep beginning with the purchase price of the car then the monthly payment. Before heading down to the dealership, we could use reliable websites like edumnds.com to find out about new car pricing and Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price - MSRP. Next we need to find out about Capitalized Cost and Invoice Price. Then we need to understand to negotiate the lowest Capitalized Cost possible, keep the Residual Value high to lower the monthly payment, understand what Money Factor equals to Interest Rate after using some Money Factor calculate we find online and lastly, choose the Lease Term that works to our best benefit.

2) Get a Car Lease Quote from the Dealer via Email
It is very common nowadays to deal with the internet fleet manager regarding lease specials. Contact several of them at the same time, tell them the model of your desire lease vehicle, wait for their quotes and start your comparison of all the available lease deals you get from the dealers. Pick the dealership that offers the most competitive offer and start the negotiating the terms of the Lease Deal. Generally, the auto leasing quote from the internet fleet manager are more competitive than walking in to the dealership. You can also use the lease quote from internet fleet manager to bargain with another local dealership to maximize your advantages.

3) Find out Car Lease Deals Specials in Sunday Papers
Sunday papers often features lease specials for the day or the week from many car dealers. Most of those lease deals are only valid for a short period of time and limited supply. However, competitors usually price match to other dealers if you present a copy of the ad.

4) Get Lease Quote from Websites Offer Lease Programs
Use websites and advertisements that claim to offer the best car lease programs. They ask lease shoppers for personal information so they can provide further info of the lease deals. Your information will be passed to several local dealers and they will contact you to arrange a visit to the dealerships.

5) Use Websites to Compare Car Lease Deals
Use websites like AutoPromoCenter.com that allow car lease shoppers to compare BMW lease deals, Audi lease deals, Mercedes Lease deals and many other car makers in terms of monthly payment, down payment, and lease length for their favorite vehicle from various dealers. This saves time for the car shoppers who don't want to deal with all the technical terms of car leasing negotiation and just want to proceed with the monthly payment that they feel the most comfortable with without giving out personal information.

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